List of Visiting Faculty: 2021-2022
Name: Ms. Rajalekshmi
Qualification: Masters in Social Work
Name: Mr. Sajith M S
Qualification: Masters of Commerce, M.B.A
Name: Mr. Sandeep K.S
Qualification: B.Tech - Mechanical Engineering
Name: Mr. Vishnu O. V
Qualification: Masters in Manufacturing Engineering
Name: Ms. Monika Bansode
Qualification: Masters in Finance
Name: Dr. Shilpa Varma
Qualification: Phd Management
Name: Mr. Bipin Vaity
Qualification: MCA
Name: Mr. Abhinav Chopra
Qualification: MA (Economics)
Name: Mr. M K Verma
Qualification: MBA Finance
Name: Mr. Vinayak Jadhav
Qualification: AICWA, ACS, Masters in Financial Management
Name: Ms. Fabina Colaco
Qualification: MSC – Maths , BED, Banking Experience
Name: Ms. Priyanka Kar
Qualification: M.Com, BED
Name: Prof. Sushma Verma
Qualification: Ph.D (Financial Management)
Name: Dr. Thamaraiselvi
Qualification: M.Com, MBA, Ph.D
Name: Mr. Atheesh Kumar S
Qualification: Masters
Name: Mr. Madhivadhanam S
Qualification: M.Phil
Name: Mr. Sivashankar .A
Qualification: ME .,(Ph.d)
Name: Mr. Sushil Suresh Deshpande
Qualification: ME(IT)
Name: Mr. Vivekanandhan.P
Qualification: ME
Name: Dr. Reshma Anjum
Qualification: Ph.D (Child and Child protection)
Name: Dr. Soma Roy
Qualification: PhD in applied psychology
Name: Ms. Kiran Angane
Qualification: M.Sc.
Name: Mr. Jayanta Saha Roy
Qualification: M.S.W, LLB, Pursuing Ph.D.
Name: Ms. Arunima Dhar
Qualification: MSW and pursuing Ph.D.
Name: Ms. Chhaya Jadav
Qualification: M.Ed
Name: Ms. Gauravi Jadhav
Qualification: M.Sc.
Name: Ms. Jubli Dutta
Qualification: MA in English and B.Ed.
Name: Ms. Madhura Chakraborty
Qualification: M.S.W.
Name: Ms. Pooja Srivastava
Qualification: Masters
Name: Ms. Rani Bhowani
Qualification: M.Sc, MBA
Name: Ms. Zainab Bhinderwala
Qualification: M.Sc.
Name: Mr. Vikas Dhiman
Qualification: MCA
Name: Ms. Anjani Pathak
Qualification: B.Tech
Name: Ms. Rakhee Kantale
Qualification: PG
Name: Ms. Chhayarani Ram Kinkar
Qualification: B.E., M.Tech., Ph.D.
Name: Ms. Rashmi Chauhan
Qualification: Masters of Computer Application
Name: Ms. Bashariya Pk
Qualification: Masters in Biochemistry
Name: Dr. Mitesh Verulkar
Qualification: MD. Elecrohomeopathy, DMLT
Name: Dr. Pallavi Gedam
Qualification: M.D. Pathology
Name: Mr. Jeeth Thomas
Qualification: Masters in Tourism abd Bachelors degree in Engineering
Name: Mr. Muhammed Afsal.K.K
Qualification: MSW (Enterpreneurship as a major subject)
Name: Mr. Ramesh Tembhare
Qualification: BNMS, PGDMLT
Name: Mr. Shailesh Kamble
Qualification: M.Sc. Lifescience (Biotechnology), ADMLT
Name: Mr. Shameer K S
Qualification: Masters in English
Name: Mr. Siddharth Bhingarkar
Qualification: Masters in Arts
Name: Ms. Shanta Shashank Waghmode
Qualification: M.Sc Microbiology
Name: Ms. Shifa M
Qualification: MA in English and B.Ed.
Name: Ms. Ankita Parab
Qualification: BSC Radilology, Post graduate in Hospital management BOSCH certified trainer for generic
Name: Ms. Bharti Patle
Qualification: M.Sc (Microbiology)
Name: Ms. Godhan Patle
Qualification: M.A (English Lierature)
Name: Ms. Kirti Sharma
Qualification: M.Sc. M.Phil
Name: Ms. Revatee Verulkar
Qualification: M.C.A.
Name: Ms. Saba Mohammad Nasir Bagwan
Qualification: M.Sc Microbiology
Name: Ms. Trupti Khandare
Qualification: M.Sc.( Microbiology)
Name: Ms. Valsamma Cherian
Qualification: Masters in Nursing
Name: Dr. Neeta
Qualification: PhD. Computer Science
Name: Mr. Arvind Dangi
Qualification: MCA
Name: Ms. Atima Dua
Qualification: MA -English
Name: Ms. Rachna Garg
Qualification: MA -English
Name: Ms. Reeta Grover
Qualification: Msc. – Computer science
Name: Ms. Sandhya Jawale
Qualification: MCA & MSc (IT)
Name: Ms. Sumita Thukral
Qualification: Msc. – Computer science
Name: Mr. Balaji S R
Qualification: Masters
Name: Mr. B Mohana Rao
Qualification: PGD in CA
Name: Mr. Koteshwar Rao
Qualification: MBA HR
Name: Ms. Bhagya Lakshmi
Qualification: M Pharma
Name: Ms. Maria Cecilia
Qualification: Masters
Name: Ms. Sowmya R
Qualification: Masters
Name: Ms. Tunki Lakshmi
Qualification: PHD
Name: Mr. Alisha Zaveri
Qualification: Masters of Social Work
Name: Mr. Chetan Tupe
Qualification: Masters (Marketing Managment)
Name: Mr. Digish Dave
Qualification: MBA
Name: Mr. Parth Pathak
Qualification: Masters
Name: Mr. Rajesh Idnani
Qualification: MMS(Marketing Management) University of Mumbai (2001-03)
Name: Prof. Leena Barshikar
Qualification: pursuing PhD from TISS Mumbai Campus, MBA (HR)
Name: Mr. Vishal Jadav
Qualification: MA
Name: Mr. Satish Kumar.V
Qualification: MVA-Master of Visual Arts –Applied Arts
Name: Mr. Shant Prakash
Qualification: M.Sc.
Name: Mr. Srinivas Gattu
Qualification: M.Sc.
Name: Mr. Zuhaib Ashraf
Qualification: MA in Mass Communication and Journalism
Name: Ms. Priti Vishwakarma
Qualification: MA (Economics) & MBA (Finance), experience in Web Designing
Name: Mr. Abhinav Bharti
Qualification: Master (M.Tech)
Name: Mr. Anurodh Mishra
Qualification: M.Sc Electronics
Name: Ms. Anjali Dixit
Qualification: MBA
Name: Mr. Akash Nath
Qualification: B.E Computer Tech,EPBA Certificate
Name: Mr. Venkatesh Shanbagh
Qualification: PGDBA
Name: Ms. Lakshmi Vaid
Qualification: PGDTA,MA EDU
Name: Ms. Sneha Chaudhary
Name: Mr. Raghubalan Ganapathy
Qualification: MSC in Tourism Management
Name: Mr. Vinodkumar
Qualification: MBA in Operations Management
Name: Mr. B Morje
Qualification: MCA
Name: Mr. Girish Sankpal
Qualification: Masters in Hotel & Tourism Management
Name: Mr. Mohammed Sadiq
Qualification: MCA
Name: Mr. Rahul Seth
Qualification: PG in HR and Administration
Name: Mr. Sachin S.
Qualification: MBA in Tourism Management.
Name: Mr. Shree Patki
Qualification: Masters in Tourism Management
Name: Ms Shiba Shaji
Qualification: M.Sc Food Tech
Name: Ms. Aasawari Wadkar
Qualification: Masters
Name: Ms. Ancy Mathew
Qualification: M.A. in Industrial Psychology
Name: Ms. Daisy Goel
Qualification: Masters in Tourism Management
Name: Ms. Divya Nandakumar
Qualification: MA
Name: Ms. Leena Nair
Qualification: MA
Name: Ms. Manjula Rathod
Qualification: Masters in English Literature
Name: Ms. Sritama Dey Saha
Qualification: BA, MBA, M.Phil, Ph.D. (Management)
Name: Ms. Salma Ghayas
Qualification: BA, B.Ed, MA in Eng & MA in Env Sci
Name: Mr. Shikhar Rai
Qualification: MA Disaster & Development Studies, Engineer’s Degree, Civil Engineering
Name: Ms. Chaityaparna Banerjee
Qualification: M.HRM