Be A TISS Training Facilitators
Currently Application for the Vocational Training Facilitator is on hold till January 2021.

Tata Institute of Social Sciences shall be conducting various vocational courses through a network of Training Facilitator across India. The training facilitators shall enter into a direct agreement with Tata Institute of Social Sciences. The role of the training facilitators would be –.

  • Schedule a course depending on local industry needs.

  • Mobilise students for the course (registration & fee collection)

  • Identify trainers ( To be approved by TISS)

  • Provide the training infrastructure for conducting theory training.

  • Identify Skill Knowledge Providers (Industry partners) to provide internship opportunity to students. Compulsory for Diploma & degree courses.

  • Facilitate conduct of certification exam ( exam will be conducted by TISS)

  • Provide placement assistance to students

Tata Institute shall provide the entire content for the courses as well as conduct train the trainer for the course. In addition it shall approve appointment of faculty (employed or empanelled) by Training Facilitator, conduct certification exam and also sign requisite agreement with the ‘Skill Knowledge Provider’ (Industry player) who shall provide internship opportunity to the student.

If you have the requisite background and are interested in establishing a ‘Training Facilitator’ of Tata Institute of Social Sciences – School of Vocational Education for conducting training, you can apply to be a 'Vocational Training Facilitator'

A Training Facilitator can be established in any metro or second tier city in India. In fact it can be established wherever there is a need for vocational education. The following are the infrastructure needs for establishing the ‘Training Facilitator’.

  • Two classrooms with a seating capacity of minimum 25 students each. The classrooms shall have sufficient ventilation and in reasonably peaceful environments. It shall also have adequate number of fans and lights and must be leak-proof.

  • In case you wish to conduct computer related courses then there must be a computer lab with at least 25 computers.

  • Classroom chairs (with writing board). Desk & chairs are also acceptable alternatives.

  • One digital projector

  • White boards and related tools

  • Computers with Ubuntu and Windows operating systems – Minimum four for conduct of aptitude tests as well as maintaining necessary MIS and additional interface required for aptitude testing for example Joystick.

  • Printer

  • Scanner

  • Photocopying machine

  • Telephone line

  • Broadband internet connection

  • Wireless Internet dongle (as back-up)

  • Availability of clean drinking water.

  • At least 2 clean toilets for students.

  • At least 1 notice board to display all relevant notices.

  • Fire extinguisher

  • First Aid Kit

Three Year B.Voc (Bachelor of Vocation) course conducted by TISS (Deemed University)

Course divided in three stand alone levels, First year (Diploma), Second year (Advanced Diploma) and Third year (B.voc Degree).

Method of Training
  • One day theory classes conducted by TISS (training facilitators) at the organisation location

  • Five day on-the-job training with the company (Skill Knowledge provider)

Who can enrol for course?
  • Existing workers (All relative Sectors mentioned in the Form).

  • Trainees for on-the job internship under the NEEM Scheme (National Employability Enhancement Mission). TISS is registered with AICTE as a NEEM training agent

  • Temp/contract employees

Industry Organisations may resister with TISS as Skill Knowledge Providers

The company shall need to sign an agreement with TISS to become a skill Knowledge provider (SKP) as per the AICTE guidelines. The SKP shall then appoint/nominate some of its existing staff/supervisor (to be approved by TISS) as the vocational trainers. Such practical training at the SKP location (office/project site/factory etc) needs to be conducted as per learning outcomes laid down for specific courses. The assigned vocational trainers shall award marks/credits to students which shall then be incorporated into the university certificate (Diploma/Degree).

Benefits of becoming a Skill Knowledge provider
  • Enrol existing employees into the B.Voc program to give them opportunity for upward mobility.

  • Experience reduced levels of attrition as employees complete their graduation over three years.

  • Companies with distributed sales force could initiate this program across multiple locations. More than 100 cities & towns covered.

  • Employer can provide internship opportunity to students of TISS to beef up existing workforce.

  • All students would be university(TISS) students and there would be no employer -employee relationship between student and SKP.

  • SKP can also offer internship opportunities during peak season (festive season for retail industry and Jan/Feb/Mar for insurance industry).

  • Contractual work force can also be enrolled in these courses.

  • Sponsorship of fees of students can be treated as CSR expense.

  • Unlike the apprentice act there is no restriction on number of trainees.

  • Unlike the apprentice act this is also applicable to the service industry.

If you wish to become a Skill Knowledge Provider of TISS or require further information, kindly apply through the form and we shall connect with you.

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