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Frequently Asked Questions

How will Skill Training be Conducted?

  • All the students are admitted to different programmes offered by TISS-SVE through its admission link on the website.
  • Faculty of SVE will impart theoretical training at the location of the internship, before or after work hours, or during the weekends.

Who are the Skill Knowledge Providers (SKP)/ Practical Training Facilitators

Leading Industries / Organizations in the specific sectors provide internship and practical training

Which is the Degree / Diploma / Certificate awarding Institution?

All the Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates shall be awarded by TISS.

Are the Ongoing B.Voc. Programmes Approved by UGC?

All ongoing B.Voc. programmes are approved by UGC. Please visit the given link: https://www.ugc.ac.in/pdfnews/3986236_NSQF-999-newly-approved-institutions.pdf (Check row no. 928 or page no.79)

Who are the Skill Knowledge Providers (SKP)/ Practical Training Facilitators

  • 12th standard passed Students interested in pursuing skill based education in vocational streams that can facilitate their entry into the job market.
  • Organizations interested in upgrading qualifications of employees by providing opportunity to enroll in a recognized vocational degree/diploma/certificate programme without having to leave their Jobs.
  • Organizations aiming to enhance retention, efficiency and productivity of the workforce.
  • Industries that employ part-time, temporary or seasonal workforce and are interested in enhancing skills through internship opportunities.

What is the USP of TISS -SVE programmes?

  • Carefully designed Internship Embedded Skill Training Programme to give high quality training in actual industry/ work settings.
  • 30 hours per week of practical training while on the Job or as Interns, with 12 hours per week of theoretical classes.
  • Practical training imparted by Skill Knowledge Providers (SKPs) based on specifically defined learning outcomes.
  • Examination and Certification by TISS-SVE with required rigour and high quality standards.
  • TISS branding makes Graduates stand out in the job market.
  • TISS-SVE is registered with the AICTE as a NEEM Facilitator.