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Course Name : Bachelor in Retail Management with Specialization in E-Commerce

Eligibility : 10 + 2 or equivalent in relevant stream

Program Duration : 3 Years

Programme fees : 60,000 /-

Retail Association

Introduction of the Sector

Retailing is a vital part of the business industry that involves selling products and services to Consumers. With the tremendous growth of the economy, retail management has emerged as one of the fastest growing careers in India. The enormous expansion of the sector has thrown up a big demand for skilled professionals in the field. The Indian retail industry has undergone drastic changes with the consumers looking at convenience with multiplicity of choices under one roof. It has generated huge employment opportunities. This has changed the face of retailing in India. As the sector is booming in India, a career in retail sector is promising a growth potential for the ambitious youngsters.

Bachelor in Retail Management with Specialization in E-Commerce

Programme Introduction

The Bachelor in Retail Management with Specialization in E-Commerce program has bundled up to allied areas E-Commerce and Digital Marketing. The definition of E-Commerce and Digital Marketing E-Commerce stands for Electronic Commerce. It is the activity of buying and selling products or services online (over the internet). In other words, it is a business system that is conducted through electronic medium.

The mode of business is popularly known as ‘online shopping’ in common language.

E-Commerce consists of both technical and non- technical aspects. Non-technical aspects consist of things such as – inventory management, costing, retail management, billing, advertising, media management, branding, promotion etc.

Technical aspects consist of things such as – website development, app development, graphic design, server configuration, software development/ operation, CMS, payment gateway, safety and fraud detection, bug fixing, analytics, data collection.

Websites, mobile applications, online marketplaces – online shopping can be carried out through the following popular media. Both goods and services can be bought online.

Eligibility for Admission

The eligibility for admission to Bachelor in Retail Management with Specialization in E-Commerce shall be 10+2 or equivalent, in any stream.

Career Prospects/Job Role

After completing Bachelor Retail Management with Specialization in E-Commerce graduate will be able to find a job at the establishments like E-Commerce firms, Web design firms, Digital marketing agencies and Digital media firms. In the firms, one may don roles such as – Digital Marketer, SEO Specialist, SMM Specialist, Web Designer, App Developer and UI Specialist etc.

Knowledge provider for skill training

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd

Semester-wise Listing of Courses

Course Code Course Name Credits     Course Code Course Name Credits
GE 1.1 Functional English 4     GE 2.1 Basics of Economics and Markets 4
GE 1.2 Communication Skills - I 4     GE 2.2 Environment Sciences 4
GE 1.3 Computing Skills - I 4     GE 2.3 Ethics and Governance 4
RE 1.1 Fundamentals of Ecommerce 2     RE 2.1 Ecommerce Law Professional 2
RE 1.2 Ecommerce Web Development 2     RE 2.2 Fundamentals of Drop shipping 2
RE 1.3 Ecommerce Operations Management 2     RE 2.3 Ecommerce & Global Trade Professional 2
TPA 1 Term Paper Assignment 2     TPA 2 Term Paper Assignment 2
Course Code Course Name Credits     Course Code Course Name Credits
GE 3.1 Communication Skills - II 4     GE 4.1 Computing Skills - II 2
GE 3.2 Financial Literacy 4     GE 4.2 Basics of Accounting 4
GE 3.3 Basics of Legal and HR Policies 4     GE 4.3 Design Thinking 4
RE 3.1 E-commerce Security Management 2     GE 4.4 Organizational Behaviour 2
RE 3.2 Retail Ecommerce Executive 2     RE 4.1 GST for E -Commerce 2
RE 3.3 E-Commerce Marketplace Management 2     RE 4.2 Digital Marketing Professional 2
TPA 3 Term Paper Assignment 2     RE 4.3 Marketing Automation Expert 2
          TPA 4 Term Paper Assignment 2
Course Code Course Name Credits     Course Code Course Name Credits
GE 5.1 Digital Literacy 4     GE 6.1 Entrepreneurship 4
GE 5.2 Health and Wellness 4     GE 6.2 Employment Readiness 4
GE 5.3 Personal Grooming 4     GE 6.3 Effective Workplace Skills & Competencies 4
RE 5.1 Advanced Growth Hacking Theories 2     RE 6.1 Content Development Expert 2
RE 5.2 SEO Strategy 2     RE 6.2 Content Marketing Professional 2
RE 5.3 Social Media Strategy and E- Commerce 2     RE 6.3 Affiliate Marketing Professional 2
TPA 5 Term Paper Assignment 2     TPA 6 Term Paper Assignment 2

*The skill training component is 50% to 60% ranging from 600 hours to 720 hours per year depending upon the industry requirement.

Programme fees: Rs. 60,000/-per annum
Examination fees: Rs. 1,600/- per semester and Rs. 3,200 per annum
Caution Deposit (Refundable): Rs.5000
Convocation Fees: Rs.2000/- (In absentia Rs.2500/-)

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