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Course Name : Bachelor in Retail Management with Specialization in Agriculture Retail

Eligibility : 10 + 2 or equivalent in relevant stream

Program Duration : 3 Years

Programme fees : 60,000 /-

Retail Association

Introduction of the Sector

Retailing is a vital part of the business industry that involves selling products and services to Consumers. With the tremendous growth of the economy, retail management has emerged as one of the fastest growing careers in India. The enormous expansion of the sector has thrown up a big demand for skilled professionals in the field. The Indian retail industry has undergone drastic changes with the consumers looking at convenience with multiplicity of choices under one roof. It has generated huge employment opportunities. This has changed the face of retailing in India. As the sector is booming in India, a career in retail sector is promising a growth potential for the ambitious youngsters.

Bachelor in Retail Management with Specialization in Agriculture Retail

Programme Introduction

Retailing is one of the traditional business operations, which has repercussions in all the sectors of the economy. Retailing has found its way in agriculture too, after a boost in this sector due to economic reforms in the last decade. Owing to increased derived demand of agro inputs and realizing the advantage of an integrated approach, input companies are trying to provide (in addition to conventional offerings) all possible solutions to farmers’ field related problems.

The Indian rural market size which includes FMCG, agri inputs and farm machinery is estimated to be about 1,25,000 crores (source : Fertilizer News), 50% of which is contributed by agri inputs. It is expected to increase to two lakh crores in 2005- 2007. The companies entering this arena are lured by two factors viz. the vast untapped potential of the rural market and slowly increasing purchasing power of the rural population.

The huge potential of the rural market along with the benefit that can be accrued by organizing the existing fragmented market has led to the concept of organised agri input retailing or ‘one stop shops’. Many companies have spawned innovative business models to tap this big business opportunity.

Eligibility for Admission

The eligibility for admission to Bachelor in Retail Management with Specialization in Agriculture Retail shall be 10+2 or equivalent, in any stream.

Career Prospects/Job Role

In India, about 20 to 30 per cent crop is wasted each year due to spoilage, floods, pests, diseases, improper handling and lack of awareness about post-harvest technologies. In a developing country like India, the agri-retailing sector has emerged as a field of prime importance. Organisations in all sectors i.e. public, private and cooperative, are looking to hire competent and well trained professionals and agribusiness managers.

The field opens up several avenues for those who hold a degree in Agribusiness management. A career in Agribusiness can open doors to a plethora of industries such as farming, real-estate, retail marketing, food processing and food production. From livestock, farming to human nutrition, food production, Agri Retailing covers a significant number of careers globally.

Knowledge provider for skill training

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd

Semester-wise Listing of Courses

Course Code Course Name Credits     Course Code Course Name Credits
GE 1.1 Functional English 4     GE 2.1 Basics of Economics and Markets 4
GE 1.2 Communication Skills – I 4     GE 2.2 Environment Sciences 4
GE 1.3 Computing Skills – I 4     GE 2.3 Ethics and Governance 4
RM 1.1 Introduction to Retail Store Operations 2     RM 2.1 In Store Cashiering & Merchandising Operations – II 2
RM 1.2 In-store Cashiering & Merchandising Operations – I 2     RM 2.2 Customer Relationship Management 2
RM 1.3 Retail Sales Process Management 2     RM 2.3 FMCG / FMCD Sales Management 2
TPA 1 Term Paper Assignment 2     TPA 2 Term Paper Assignment 2
Course Code Course Name Credits     Course Code Course Name Credits
GE 3.1 Communication Skills - II 4     GE 4.1 Computing Skills – II 2
GE 3.2 Financial Literacy 4     GE 4.2 Basics of Accounting 4
GE 3.3 Basics of Legal and HR Policies 4     GE 4.3 Design Thinking 4
RAG 3.1 Agriculture Marketing Institutions and Organisations 2     GE 4.4 Organizational Behaviour 2
RAG 3.2 Pre-Requisites for Effective Agricultural Marketing 2     RAG 4.1 Introduction to Agriculture Marketing 2
RAG 3.3 Agri Retail Legislation and Management 2     RAG 4.2 Rural Marketing and Market Infrastructure 2
TPA 3 Term Paper Assignment 2     RAG 4.3 Agricultural Input Marketing Management 2
          TPA 4 Term Paper Assignment 2
Course Code Course Name Credits     Course Code Course Name Credits
GE 5.1 Digital Literacy 4     GE 6.1 Entrepreneurship 4
GE 5.2 Health and Wellness 4     GE 6.2 Employment Readiness 4
GE 5.3 Personal Grooming 4     GE 6.3 Effective Workplace Skills & Competencies 4
RAG 5.1 Agricultural Marketing in India 2     RAG 6.1 Agriculture Commodity Market Fundamentals 2
RAG 5.2 Trading of Agriculture Commodities – I 2     RAG 6.2 Trading of Agriculture Commodities – II 2
RAG 5.3 Agri Inventory Management 2     RAG 6.3 Fresh Produce Retail Management 2
TPA 5 Term Paper Assignment 2     TPA 6 Term Paper Assignment 2

*The skill training component is 50% to 60% ranging from 600 hours to 720 hours per year depending upon the industry requirement.

Programme fees: Rs. 60,000/-per annum
Examination fees: Rs. 1,600/- per semester and Rs. 3,200 per annum
Caution Deposit (Refundable): Rs.5000
Convocation Fees: Rs.2000/- (In absentia Rs.2500/-)

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