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Course Name : Diploma in Agriculture & Agri Input Management

Eligibility : Diploma Programme shall be 12th or equivalent, in any stream

Program Duration : 1 Year

Programme fees : 30,000 /-



Diploma in Agriculture & Agri Input Management

Programme Introduction

The course centres around applying monetary hypothesis to address the rural issues that organizations face every day and conjecture the reasonable results of market and government communications. The diploma will encourage learners to pursue administration of agrarian and other land-based organizations and endeavours that go connected at the tip with horticulture. It will enable one to secure the essential information and abilities to turn into an effective chief of a business and build up aptitudes of basic perception and examination through contact with an assortment of intriguing genuine organizations.

Agri-Input Dealers in the country are a prime source of farm information to the farming community, besides the supply of inputs and credit. However, majority of these dealers do not have formal agricultural education. In order to build their technical competency in agriculture and to facilitate them to serve the farmers better and to act as para – extension professionals, one- year Diploma course in Agriculture & Agri Input Management is beneficial.

Eligibility for Admission

The eligibility condition for admission to Diploma Program shall be 12th or equivalent, in any stream

Career Prospects/Job Role

The career prospects for students of Diploma in Agri and Agri Input Management is Government jobs under the Agriculture Department, Agriculture sales Officer in Private organisations, Self-employment like farm machine shops, repair shops, Poultry Farming, Horticulturist, Professionals in Food production, Agriculture Consultant, Distributor, Researcher and Regional Sales Manager. Avenues are open in E Chaupal sites where procuring seeds to fertilizers is operated online.

Semester-wise Listing of Courses

Course Code Course Name Credits   Course Code Course Name Credits
GE 1.1 Functional English 4   GE 2.1 Basics of Economics and Markets 4
GE 1.2 Communication Skills - I 4   GE 2.2 Environment Sciences 4
GE 1.3 Computing Skills - I 4   GE 2.3 Ethics and Governance 4
DAG 101 Basic Horticulture & Introduction to Indian Agriculture 2   DAG 201 Agronomical Principles and Crop Production Practices (Rabi) 2
DAG 102 Agronomical Principles and Crop Production Practices (Kharif Season) 2   DAG 202 Concepts of Soil - Nutrient Management and Diagnosis of Crop Health problems 2
DAG 103 Farm Machinery & Post Harvesting Technology 2   DAG 204 Emerging Concepts and Legislations Related 2
TPA 1 Term Paper Assignment 2   to Agri Input Business
        TPA 2 Term Paper Assignment 2

*The skill training component is 50% to 60% ranging from 600 hours to 720 hours per year depending upon the industry requirement.

Programme fees: Rs. 30,000/-per annum
Examination fees: Rs.1,600/- per semester and Rs. 3200 per annum
Caution Deposit (Refundable): Rs.5000


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