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Course Name : Bachelor/BSc in Software Development

Eligibility : 10 + 2 Science

Program Duration : 3 Years

Programme fees : 48,000 /-

Information Technology Enabled Services (IT-ITeS)

Introduction of the Sector

In today’s digital era Information and Communication Technology have become one of the basic requirements of society. It is difficult to think of any event without the use of digital devices. ITeS sector includes IT services, engineering design, R & D services and BPO services. IT includes a wide variety of operations that uses information technology to improve the efficiency of any organization. ITeS services are delivered over telecom or data network to a range of external business areas. The changing economic and business conditions, rapid technological innovation, the proliferation of the internet and globalization are creating an increasingly competitive environment. The role of technology has evolved from supporting corporations to transforming them. All these factors have made IT-ITeS a competent vertical among others.

Bachelor/BSc in Software Development

Programme Introduction

Software development is the process of conceiving, specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications, frameworks or other programming segments. Software development may likewise be called application development and software design.

Software development is a procedure of composing and maintaining the source code, however in a broader sense, it incorporates all that is included between the conceptions of the desired software through to the final manifestation of the software. System software underlies applications and the programming procedure itself and is often developed independently.

Software developers are the creative personalities behind computer programmes. Some develop the applications that enable individuals to do specific assignments on a computer or another device. Others build up the fundamental frameworks that run the gadgets or that control networks. Every business firm or association needs a software programme to perform different tasks which can ease out the work of a person and reduce the requirement of labour.

It is a well-known fact that for any kind of Software application, development of software is required.

Bachelor/BSc course in Software Development not only covers programming aspect but also covers other capabilities required in the overall process of software development.

Eligibility for Admission

The eligibility for admission to Bachelor/BSc in Software Development shall be 10+2 or equivalent, in any stream.

Career Prospects/Job Role

Career prospects after Bachelor/BSc in Software Development are working as a Software Developer Front-end Developer, Backend Developer, Web Developer, Desktop Developer, Mobile Developer, Software Engineer, Database Administrator, IT Architect, Network Administrator, Systems Analyst, Graphics Developer, Game Developer, Data Scientist, Big Data Developer, CRM Developer, Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET)

Knowledge provider for skill training

Ace Box, Greycats Tech LLP, Kordinate World, Kantascrypt, Apps Deployer and Virtual Education Trust.

Semester-wise Listing of Courses

Course Code Course Name Credits     Course Code Course Name Credits
GE 1.1  Functional English 4     GE 2.1  Basics of Economics and Markets 4
GE 1.2  Communication Skills - I 4     GE 2.2  Environment Sciences 4
GE 1.3  Computing Skills - I 4     GE 2.3  Ethics and Governance 4
SD 1.1  IT Foundations and Programming Concepts 2     SD 2.1  Database Management Systems 2
SD 1.2  Web Designing 2     SD 2.2  Object Oriented Programming with Python 2
SD 1.3  Programming in Python 2     SD 2.3  Computer Communication and Networks 2
TPA 1 Term Paper Assignment 2     TPA 2  Term Paper Assignment 2
Course Code Course Name Credits     Course Code Course Name Credits
GE 3.1  Communication Skills - II 4     GE 4.1  Computing Skills - II 2
GE 3.2  Financial Literacy 4     GE 4.2  Basics of Accounting 4
GE 3.3  Basics of Legal and HR Policies 4     GE 4.3  Design Thinking 4
SD 3.1  Programming with Visual Basic.Net 2     GE 4.4  Organizational Behaviour 2
SD 3.2  Data Structure 2     SD 4.1  Object Oriented Programming with JAVA 2
SD 3.3  Web Development using PHP 2     SD 4.2  Linux Operating System - Operations and Management 2
TPA 3 Term Paper Assignment 2     SD 4.3  Software Engineering 2
          TPA 4 Term Paper Assignment 2
Course Code Course Name Credits     Course Code Course Name Credits
GE 5.1  Digital Literacy 4     GE 6.1  Entrepreneurship 4
GE 5.2  Health and Wellness 4     GE 6.2  Employment Readiness 4
GE 5.3  Personal Grooming 4     GE 6.3  Effective Workplace Skills & Com- petencies 4
SD 5.1  Concepts of Data Mining 2     SD 6.1  Android Mobile Application Development 2
SD 5.2  Software Testing and Project Management 2     SD 6.2  Technology Trends in IT 2
SD 5.3  Multimedia Tools and Applications 2     SD 6.3  Web Application Development with ASP.NET MVC and C# 2
TPA 5 Term Paper Assignment 2     TPA 6 Term Paper Assignment 2

Note: Laptop / Desktop is recommended for the program.

*The skill training component is 50% to 60% ranging from 600 hours to 720 hours per year depending upon the industry requirement.

Programme fees: Rs. 48,00/-per annum
Examination fees: Rs. 1,600/- per semester and Rs. 3,200 per annum
Caution Deposit (Refundable): Rs.5000
Convocation Fees: Rs.2000/- (In absentia Rs.2500/-)

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