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Course Name : Bachelor in Child Protection

Eligibility : 10 + 2 or equivalent in relevant stream

Program Duration : 3 Years

Programme fees : 30,000 /-

Child Care

Introduction of the Sector

Child care is a broad area that covers a wide spectrum of professionals, institutions, contexts, activities, social, and cultural conventions. The sector covers two componenets early child development and child protection.

Programme Introduction

‘Children’ and ‘childhood are perceived differently in various cultures and periods of time. This leads to power dynamics in relationships between an adult and a child. At each stage of growth, a child has different needs for which he/she may be dependent on adults. However, in many cases, these needs are not met due to a range of factors like rural-urban and class-caste divides, poverty and income insecurity, socio-economic and geo- political circumstances, or discriminatory attitude leading to deprivation or abuse. This necessitates an understanding of child vulnerability and child protection.

Violence, abuse, and exploitation of children are widespread and remain a harsh reality for millions of children from all socio-economic groups in India. These have long-lasting consequences on children’s lives. Child Protection requires working with families and community resources to ensure children are safe through sensitive child-friendly initiatives to effectively deliver services, mobilize an inter-sectoral response and engage in designing, implementing as well as strengthening Child Protection Systems in India.

Eligibility for Admission

The eligibility for admission to Bachelors in Child Protection shall be 10+2 or equivalent, in any stream.

Career Prospects/Job Role

Social worker, program specialist in govt. settings, Institutions under DCPUs (District Child Protection Units) of ICPS (Integrated Child Protection Schemes) Child Protective Specialist; Family Case Manager; Social Service Assistant; School Counselor; Behavioral Counselor.

Knowledge provider for skill training

Child in Need Institute, Sanlaap and Uddami India Foundation

Semester-wise Listing of Courses

Course Code Course Name Credits     Course Code Course Name Credits
GE 1.1  Functional English 4     GE 2.1  Basics of Economics and Markets 4
GE 1.2  Communication Skills - I 4     GE 2.2  Environment Sciences 4
GE 1.3  Computing Skills - I 4     GE 2.3  Ethics and Governance 4
CP 1.1  Understanding Child and Childhood 2     CP 4.1  Child Protection 2
CP 2.1  An Introduction to Child Rights and Legal Provisions for Children 2     CP 5.1  Child Protection Mechanisms in India: State’s Response 2
CP 3.1  Basic Skills for Working with Children 2     CP 6.1  Working with Individuals, Groups and Communities – Basic 2
TPA 1 Term Paper Assignment 2     TPA 2  Term Paper Assignment 2
Course Code Course Name Credits     Course Code Course Name Credits
GE 3.1  Communication Skills - II 4     GE 4.1  Computing Skills - II 2
GE 3.2  Financial Literacy 4     GE 4.2  Basics of Accounting 4
GE 3.3  Basics of Legal and HR Policies 4     GE 4.3  Design Thinking 4
CP 7.1  Approaches and Interventions for Child Protection 2     GE 4.4  Organizational Behaviour 2
CP 8.1  Welfare Policies and Schemes for Children in India 2     CP 10.1  Important Laws and Legisla- tions for Children in India: An In-depth View 2
CP 6.1  Working with Children, Families and Other Stakeholders 2     CP 11.1  Dealing with Personal and Professional Challenges of a Child Protection Practitioner 2
TPA 3 Term Paper Assignment 2     CP 12.1  Working with Individuals, Groups and Communities - Advanced 2
          TPA 4 Term Paper Assignment 2
Course Code Course Name Credits     Course Code Course Name Credits
GE 5.1  Digital Literacy 4     GE 6.1  Entrepreneurship 4
GE 5.2  Health and Wellness 4     GE 6.2  Employment Readiness 4
GE 5.3  Personal Grooming 4     GE 6.3  Effective Workplace Skills & Competencies 4
CP 13.1  Vulnerability Assessment and Interventions with Vulnerable Categories of Children 2     CP 16.1  Project Management 2
CP 14.1  Analysis of Legislations from a Child Rights Perspective and an Introduction to Child Budgeting 2     CP 17.1  Social Action on Child Protection 2
CP 15.1  Life Skills Education and Arts Based Work with Children 2     CP 18.1  Skills of a Child Protection Practitioner 2
TPA 5 Term Paper Assignment 2     TPA 6 Term Paper Assignment 2

*The skill training component is 50% to 60% ranging from 600 hours to 720 hours per year depending upon the industry requirement.

Programme fees: Rs. 30,000/-per annum
Examination fees: Rs. 1,600/- per semester and Rs. 3200 per annum
Caution Deposit (Refundable): Rs.5000
Convocation Fees: Rs.2000/- (In absentia Rs.2500/-)

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